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RedBearLab May 15 BLE Nano

For using Arduino IDE with the nRF51822 based boards, please read this repository first.


RedBearLab December 21, 2015 4 Announcements

Hi all,

Thank you for your great support and our Kickstarter campaign got a very good result. Now you can discuss anything about the Duo at our new forum on

We will slowly migrate all our discussion to the new forum.

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James Willcox March 18, 2015 6 BLE Nano

The examples in the 7.2 and 8.0 Nordic SDK do not work with the Nano by default. They expect a board with 32KB of flash, and the Nano (I believe) has 16. Attached is a custom_board.h and linker script (use in place of, for example, ble_app_beacon_gcc_nrf51.ld). To use the custom_board.h, use "-DBOARD_CUSTOM" in the Makefile instead of "-DBOARD_PCA10028".

RedBearLab January 16, 2015 6 Announcements

Hi everybody,

For RBL products, all the source code, schematic and other resources are available at:


RedBearLab January 2, 2015 15 Announcements


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