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Beta b0.3

posted this on September 22, 2012, 22:30

Please post questions and comments about SDK beta version on this forum.

This is a beta version of our SDK, therefore you may encounter some bugs/issues, thank you for your patient and understanding.

You will need
1. Our BLE Shield Library for Arduino, please download at
2. file attached.

Inside the zip file:

BLEShield.framework/ - This is the BLEShield iOS framework for developing BLE App for iOS.

Demo/BLEChat_App/ - This is a demo app for iOS to show how to use the BLEShield framework.

Demo/BLEChat_Firmware/ - This is a demo program for Arduino side firmware shows how to use the BLE Library.

Please read the 2 "README.TXT" files in the demo folders for how to use our libraries and API information.

If you encounter "'BLEShield/BLEShield.h' file not found" error while compiling your iOS app, please check "Framework" > "BLEShield.framework" in Xcode and make sure it is pointing to the right path.

We hope you enjoy it and looking forward to your valuable feedback

Best regards,



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Derek J. Kinsman

Great, thanks for the follow up. We actually got the board working over the weekend. It was actually an issue with on the iOS side of things.

Thanks again. Everything is working as it should. I'll try and get the fix posted up here for you guys to look at.

Cheers, Derek.

November 12, 2012, 22:54